Monday, February 17, 2014

Lessons Learned

Part of being an adult is learning to make decisions on your own. You can no longer rely on your parents to make those hard decisions for you. You have to learn how to navigate through life on your own and sometimes that can lead to taking the wrong path. But part of being an adult is going down those roads that at the time you think are right and then find out that it was not the path you were meant to take.

The great thing about God and His mercy is that He can take those mistakes and turn them into something amazing. If we allow God to teach us we can learn from those hard lessons and then not make that same mistake again. When He sees us going down the wrong path He will speak to us to try and get us back on our intended path. If we are truly in tune with Him we will hear His gentle nudging to get back on track. And while at that moment we feel lost and confused because we have gone off track He will come and gently lead us back down the path He intends us to follow.

Sometimes these missteps can be small and sometimes they can be big. But the important thing is that while we are in the midst of the situation that we keep our eyes focused on Him and He will always guide us and show us which way to go. Sometimes that means we have to take a small detour to see where it is that God has called us to be and which road it is we are meant to travel on. And if it is wrong He will tell you. Part of growing up is discerning when something is right and when God is speaking to you and telling you that you need to change course.

But God in His infinite mercy will never leave us nor forsake us. God will restore and change circumstances into something amazing. All we have to do is have faith.

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