Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Difference Between Me and My Husband

Marriage has been quite eye opening. I never realized truly how different two people can be until I married my husband. Learning how to live with someone who is the complete opposite of you can at times be a little challenging.

For example, I do not understand why my husband insists on wearing clothes that are torn and falling apart. I just want to throw them away. But for whatever reason he still wears them and will not get rid of them. And it drives me nuts!

Now I know that I drive my husband crazy too. My husband is the clean freak of the family. He is particularly anal about the dishes. As soon as we are done eating he is up and cleaning and putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Me on the other hand, as long as the dishes are put away before I go to bed at night I am fine with leaving them in the sink for a couple of hours.

Another disagreement we have is over the thermostat. I am a very cold natured person so in the winter time I get cold and the summer if the house is too cold from the air conditioning I do not like it. And most of the time I win.

My husband is a good man for putting up with my quirkiness. I know that at times I am probably not the easiest person to live with. And for that he probably deserves a medal.

When I got married no one told me how challenging living with someone that is the complete opposite of me would be. But through it all I do honestly believe it has made me a better person. I have had to learn to grow and consider the needs of others before my own. And while I know that at times we drive each other nuts it would probably be a very boring marriage if we were exactly the same. I am glad we are different and that we can use those difference to make our marriage stronger.

I love this man!



  1. You are so right, marriage is really hard work. Regardless, when you find that perfect person for you it's worth every single ounce of effort.
    Loved this post friend!!!

    1. So true! Thanks for the comment.

  2. Marriage is definitely work! I am so blessed to have a hubby that helps me at home all the time. But I am definitely the "neat freak" one!