Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Darby, I am sorry that I had to take you and drop you off and the vet today. I know you were not happy about being there. But it is for you own good. We do not need you having babies. I said a little prayer for you this morning that your surgery would go well. Mommy loves you! Dear Graduates, congrats on your big night tonight! I look forward to watching you walk arcross the stage. You should all be proud of yourselves for your accomplishments. Dear Sister, congrats on your nursing scholarship. I am so proud of you and that you are going back to school to fulfill your dream. Dear husband, I am sorry I have been gone a lot this week for school things. I feel like I have hardly seen you. I am looking forward to the weekend and being able to spend some time with you.

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  1. hi debbie! i'm sorry i haven't been here in awhile! i love these letters :) i can't wait to link up next friday!