Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Sometimes....I think it would be so cool to hike the entire Applicachan Trail.
Always....I remember how difficult it would be and that I do not have six months to devote to it.

Sometimes....It makes no sense to me why people commit such horrific acts.
Always....It reminds me of how short life is and that I should cherish each day that God allows me to live.

Sometimes....I despise the heat outside!
Always....I would much rather it be hot than to be freezing cold.

Sometimes....I have days where I wish I could go ahead and retire.
Always....I know that is not economically possible, so I continue on one day at a time.


  1. While hiking does not appeal to me at all, I might join you on the hike just so I can see all the beauty...and photograph it! ;-)

  2. I like every single one of you sometimes & always today! I love hiking however to hike for 6 months straight no thank you pass! Yes I too hate the super amount of overheat however I do admit I hate the cold worse & retirement would be nice hello time to do things :)