Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Moon, you looked so cool the other night. I always love it when you are full. Dear Self, tomorrow is the start of the birthday celebration. Whoohoo!! So looking forward to it. Dear Friends, I am so looking forward to seeing you for dinner tonight and then hanging out afterwards. It seems like forever since we have hung out. Dear Car, why did your check engine light come on yesterday. I am not happy with that one bit. We cannot buy a new car until next year so I need you to not be broken. Dear Husband, I am so proud of how well you are doing in school. You are really doing a great job. Dear Weekend, I am so glad to finally see you!



  1. Happy Birthday!!!!
    Also, I talk to my car too. It works for plants, right? lol

    Here via Friday Letters.


    1. I have heard that talking to plants works. But I have not tried it.

  2. Hi from Friday Letters (:

    wow the moon looked so pretty. I think it was cloudy the other night we had a full moon, but I was at the beach and the ocean was like lit up. I love being at the beach during a full moon. It's amazing.

    Happy Friday by the way!!

    xo, Heather