Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Husband, I am so excited that you get to start your clinicals today. I hope you have fun! Also I am so excited about date night tonight. Dear new iPhone, I love you so much! I think you are so much more cooler than my old phone. Dear Self, I cannot believe another semester of school is almost over. It is going by so quickly! Dear Husband (you get two letters today), thank you so much for being there for me this week. I have really needed you and you have been such a great support and encourager. Thank you so much for loving me and being there for me at times when I need you the most. Dear Blog Friends, have a great weekend!



  1. My new iPhone is so much better than my Droid. Completely agree that they're great!

    New follower via Friday's Letters!


  2. I agree with you. I love my iPhone so much more than the Driod I had.