Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sometimes and Always Link Up

I am linking up with Megan again from Mackey Madness.

Sometimes....I have good intentions of putting away my clean clothes right away when they come out of the dyer.
Always....The clean clothes sit in the basket for about a week before I put them away.

Sometimes....I intend to eat more healthy.
Always....I just can't resist chocolate and potato chips.

Sometimes....I get motivated to clean the whole entire house.
Always....I either procrastinate or I get distracted and I do not get everything cleaned that I intended to.

Sometimes....I intend to get up early so that I can actually get to work on time.
Always....I hit the snooze and end up being late.

Sometimes....I enjoy just being by myself.
Always....I enjoy the company of my husband and wish weekends were longer so that we could spend more time together.



  1. Hi Debbie, I just followed your blog from Megans @ Mackey Maddness and I must say you and I have fabulous taste!! We have the same blog backgrounds. LOL! I was slightly confuzzled at first galnce. Loving your sometimes and always I'm the same with clean clothes only mine sit on a chair willing me to put them away! Hope you have a fab week in the run up to christmas. Pop by my blog if you get a sec. Merry Christmas Faye xx

  2. I also get "distracted" while trying to clean the house :) But it's normally by a good distraction. LOL

  3. I neeeever fold right away! I always throw them on my bed and do it just before I go to sleep haha!

  4. Oh my gosh, I always always leave my clothes in the dryer for days!! My hubby will get so mad! Hahahaha!!

    Thanks for linking up with me again!!