Thursday, April 4, 2013

Reagan the Ninja Cat


Reagan (the black cat in the picture above) lives the life that every cat would dream of. She has a mom and dad that spoil her rotten and pretty much lives the life of luxury. She spends most of the day sleeping in her bed and wakes up and runs in the kitchen when she hears the garage door open because she knows her people are home.

Reagan loves, loves, loves people food. Some of her favorites are eggs, tuna, cheese, and chicken. And whenever she smells some of her favorite food she comes running and begs for a bite.

Reagan possesses special skills that no other cat I know has. Because of these skills we often call her ninja cat. Her all black coat and lightening fast moves have earned her the nickname ninja cat. When she sees that we are eating she has to come and check it out. And if you are not careful she will steal your food. Once she stole a chicken bone off someone’s plate and we had no idea she had done it until we saw her with the bone. And once when I had turned my back for just a moment she stole a piece of hamburger meet off of the slice of piece I was eating.

Over time Reagan has perfected her lightening fast skills and you may not realize something is missing until you see her run away with it in her mouth. She is “Reagan the Ninja Cat.”

reagan (trying to be sneaky by “hiding” in a box)

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