Monday, June 10, 2013

Lesson Learned



I do not think there is anything that makes me feel more stupid or more aggravated than locking my keys in my car. The worst is when you do it first thing in the morning. It just kind of starts you day off on the wrong foot. Today the unthinkable happened to me. When I was getting my things out of my car my water bottle feel under my car. So in order to get my water bottle I laid my purse down on the backseat. While I was getting me water bottle out from under my car the car door closed. And there was my purse still sitting on my back seat locked in my car, with the car keys inside it. ARRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! I was completely aggravated. What’s worse is that my husband has the spare set, but cannot bring it to me until after he gets finished with his work. which is around 6:00. Well, I guess it is a good thing I did not have to go anywhere today. What a great way to start a Monday morning. Right?

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