Thursday, February 23, 2012

Finding Inspiration Again

Lately I have been feeling a little uninspired. I haven’t felt much like writing. Then the other day I ran across a video (the one above) that reignited that passion within me. I soon realized that there has been an absence in my life lately….music. And I mean good music, the kind of music that stirs your soul and touches that place in your heart that nothing else can.
I used to love to play the piano and just sit for hours and get lost in the music. But with the busyness of life I laid down that love for music and never picked it back up. After seeing this video it reminded me of the love that I have for music and the inspiration that I find in it.
 I often find my greatest inspiration after hearing a song that touches my soul or in being surrounded by God’s beautiful creation. One of my favorite places to go when I am feeling overwhelmed with life is the mountains. When I am surrounded with such beauty something about it brings healing and life back to my soul.  Sometimes a trip to the mountains is exactly what I need to find my inspiration again. Sometimes all I need is to be quiet so that I can feel and hear the music.

Where do you find inspiration?


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  1. beautiful! i am often inspired by songs too :)