Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Campus Happenings



There is never a dull moment working at a college. Over the years I have heard and seen some pretty wild things. So I thought why not share my stories with others. I would like to start regularly posting about college life and some if the unbelievable things that students say and do.

Today’s post is dedicated to things that students ask with they call into the main number at the college. I hope you get as much of a kick out of these that I did.

1) “Can my mom come and get my student photo ID for me?”

2) Student calls sounding drunk or on drugs and wants to know if we can come and pick him up for class.

3) I need to know exactly now much financial aid money I’m getting. I am trying to plan a wedding.

4) Student: “When is Fall Break?”…..college employee: “Monday and Tuesday October 15-16.” ……student: “Well, I only have class on Thursday and Friday. Does that mean that I don’t get a Fall Break?”……college employee: “That is correct.”

5) Student: “Kelly called me. Can I talk to her?”…..college employee: “Kelly who?”…..student: “Uh I don’t know. She wears glasses.”

6) On August 23 a student calls and says, “I am here for my 2:30 class and there is no one here.” …..college employee: “Classes do not start until the 25th.”

7) “Can I bring a picture of my son with Chicken Pox to prove he had it?”

8) “I need to sign up for school to make some money because my baby’s daddy go deported when I was 5 months pregnant with our second baby.”

Yes, these are all things that students actually called and asked. It is never a dull moment on a college campus.

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