Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Amen to that! I found this on a website called Female Health Motivation and just love it. So many times we come up with excuses of why we are not exercising or eating right or whatever it is that we keep putting off. I know for myself a lot of times I will say, "I will do it tomorrow". Or "I will start that exercise program on Monday since it is the beginning of the week". Or we might not go on that walk because it is too cold outside or that it is raining. If we truly want to change we need to start now. We need to stop with the excuses and just do it! I am guilty of this myself. Too many times I make excuses for not following through with things. It seems I always have a good reason for putting something off one more day.

But I have decided today is a new day! No more excuses! I will follow through. And I will accomplish my goals.

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