Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Heart Broken



Today my heart is hurting. I hurt because I feel torn between my convictions and the views and beliefs of those who are dearest to my heart. I hurt because I know if I do not take their side they will feel betrayed and that I do not support them. Why must I be forced to chose between my convictions and not hurting someone because of what they believe. Why must families be torn apart because of differing views? Why do we have to take sides? Why can’t we just put aside our differences and love each other the way that God loves us. If I do not take their side or support them will they pull even further away from me than they already are.

When did just simply loving someone and accepting them suddenly not be enough? At what point did crusading for someone else's beliefs become more important than the love and respect that I hold for them? Is loving them not enough anymore? Is this the way Jesus felt when He offered His love  so freely, but chose to stick to His convictions and went against the popular ideas and beliefs of the time, and because of this was cast aside. Did His heart break too when the simple act of loving someone was not enough?

Why God must our family be torn apart? Please God bring healing and wholeness to us? Help us to put aside our difference and be the family that those who have gone before us established. Help us to remember that our family was founded on love, not hate and taking sides. Help us to remember the two people that started this big beautiful family and to remember what they stood for. They stood for peace, love, respect, and acceptance. They would take anyone into their home and love them and accept them no matter who they were. But we have turned our back on the foundation that this family was built on and have chosen to take sides. We have drawn a line in the sand. And this breaks my heart. Many years ago two people chose to follow their hearts and began a family founded on love. Their union was not just founded on earthly love but also the love of Christ. And since their departure from this world we have taken that love that this family was built on and used it for hate rather than acceptance. God help us to return to the foundations of what this family was built on. Heal our family God.


  1. beautifully said. Praying for your family Debbie.

  2. I love what you wrote about a loving family staying together with different views. Thanks for sharing your thought.