Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes and Always

Hello friends, today I am linking up with Megan for Sometimes and Always. Enjoy!

Sometimes, I like to hear my husband talking to our cats.
Always, I think it is so cute that he talks to them like they are people.

Our babies, Reagan and Darby

Sometimes, I enjoy mowing the yard with the riding lawn mower.
Always, I like it better when my husband mows the lawn for me.

Sometimes, I just really crave some pizza.
Always, I get me way and we order one for dinner.

Sometimes, I have good intentions of drinking water more often.
Always, that only lasts for a couple of days.

Hope you all have a great day. Go check out Megan's link up.



  1. Cute post!! I want to drink more water too, but it just doesn't happen! :)

  2. I have really been trying to drink more water, too. But I just can't! Ugh!! Oh, and I am so impressed with you mowing the lawn. I can never let my husband know that other women do it. Hahahaha.

    Thanks for linking up with me!!