Thursday, January 19, 2012

Being Transparent

I have never been one to openly share my feelings. I tend to keep my feelings and emotions locked up inside and do not often express them. However, marriage has changed that. I can no longer get away with keeping everything bottled up inside. My husband knows when I am upset or something is wrong and won't leave me alone until I tell him what is going on. Because of this I am much better about sharing my feelings and letting others know how I feel. And I am sure that is healthier for me to just get everything off my chest rather than bottling it all up inside.

The idea of being transparent and more open with my life sometimes can be a scary thought. I have never liked to be exposed and vulnerable. I liked my private life being private. But at what point is it unhealthy to keep all that bottled up inside and not talking with anyone. I had to learn to share my feelings and communicate more openly with my husband. And I will tell you it was not easy. It is hard to share how I feel. I guess I thought I would be afraid of how he would react or what he would think. But now I know that was just silly of me to think that way. While I have not quite mastered the art of being transparent, I am a work in progress. I am continuing to work on being more open and sharing how I feel. Hopefully one day this all will be second nature to me.


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