Thursday, January 26, 2012

It Has Been Nice Knowing You

After several years of putting my feet and legs through unneeded agony my body has finally had enough. I am sad to say that I must say good bye to all my cute high heels. My body has had it and is now letting me know that it has had it with the heels. It is sad, because in a way it makes me feel like I am getting old. But I cannot ignore my knees being in agony after wearing a pair of my favorite shoes any longer. The time has come to put away the fancy heels and look for some shoes that will make my feet and knees happy again.

So I say good bye to you cute sexy heels. It has been nice knowing you. How I have enjoyed you so much. It will be sad to see you leave my closet, but it is time for you to go. I will miss you so much!


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